Monday, February 11, 2013

Do the same Nokia chargers work for Nokia flip phones and for the non-flip phones?

Q. I have like 6 Nokia chargers from previous phones that are not the flip phones, but I'd like to get a Nokia flip phone. Are all Nokia chargers the same, regardless of the type of Nokia phone?

A. well depending on how old these nokia phone chargers are, right now there is a new plug its really thin and there is the old plug whitch is a bit fatter the newer nokia phones carry the thin charger pin but their is also a plug that you can plug into your old nokia charger and the end is thin like the newer nokia phone chargers

How to make Nokia mobile ring through headphones, when headphones are plugged in?
Q. I have Nokia 5230 Xpress music. I dont want it to play ringtone(for incoming calls) outside, it should play through headphones only (when they are plugged in). any idea?

A. Take a fork (Or other eating utensil) And look for the nearest outlet.
Insert, Enjoy.

How can I differenciate a Nokia phone made in China but original and a nokia made in China but fake?
Q. To be specific,can give you some tips on how to recognize a China made phone original from Nokia and fake ones (imitations).

A. the price is the most important way,there are many people buy the mobile in discount time in China,if the mobile is much cheaper than the same types,it must be fake,in my opinion Nokia is very good to use,it can use more than 2 years.also in China have a very famous web site store ,it's name is taobao ,many Chinse people buy anything thought the net,also you can get the very good mobile though the net ,i am the taobao agent ,i can help you!
I am a local chinese buy agent, i can do purchase for foreigners with chinese items to help their small business or daily life use,things could be from and other china online shopping sites or china wholesale market or directly from is the biggest C2C online shopping site in aisa,it is just like another ebay,you can find cheap brand cloths,shoes,bags there,some are the order rest from china OEM factory,and some are 1:1 highly alike replica. If you are interest in this area,can add my msn for further chatting.
Hope it helps!

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