Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to set nokia x2 equalizer to get maximum bass?

Q. Is there any hack available for nokia x2(s40 6th edition) phone to enable megabass or bass boost . Plz help me to set or hack the equalizer or phone software to get max bass.
I am a bass edict. Also share your equalizer settings with me .. May be ur settings help me to get MEGABASS!

A. Those clowns at the flea market can do it for you.

How to find out Nokia handphone password in order to transfer account to another handphone?
Q. How to transfer a hp account to another hp of Nokia with digits 013-xxxxxxxxx?

A very informative website, kindly stay in website and check.

How to reformat my Nokia N73 phone without paying to do it at the shop?
Q. I think my N73 has a virus. I can detect this because the message "Memory full. Delete some data." constantly pops up even though the C drive has no data such as large applications or videos or photos in it. I have even cleared all the history, cache and cookies from the the internet browser but still the free space in the C drive is at 81kb.

Is there an application that can do this process of reformatting the phone software?
Please help me!

A. Just type *#7370# in the standby mode and enter the security code (12345 by default). After that, the phone will start formatting itself. This may take a few minutes.

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