Monday, July 29, 2013

I have just bought Samsung Galaxy S and wondered if you could download a weighing scales application?

Q. Any help appreciated, and no I'm not going to stand on it, just need to weigh small object.

A. Application, sure - but since it doesn't have scale hardware, the application wouldn't do anything. (You need a stress sensor to weigh things.)

How to stop a Samsung Genio QWERTY from beeping every time I press a key?
Q. I got my phone yesterday for a few weeks till i get the new iphone but i want to know how to stop it beeping after i press a key without entering silent mode.
That's not very helpful jimmy jones.

A. It's in the settings just find it

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

How do Samsung maintain their dignity with such a pathetic software market?

Q. The google market is available and is excellent. Samsung supplements it with its own software offerings. But they are hopeless! They look like they have been created by high school kids. There is a thermometer app and the reviews say the reading never varies, whatever the temperature is. Telling the temperature is the main thing you would want a thermometer app for. I think I will leave it there, except to mention these apps are supposed to chosen for suitability with the Samsung products.

A. Main thing Samsung has the advantage of is good quality products at lower prices and with a warranty. Secondly, you can always switch to Google original android os by rooting your phone and trying the AOSP and cyanogenmod roms. If you have seen the clarity of samsungs 8MP camera on the SGS3, you wouldn't be asking that question.

How is the samsung jets screen quality in comparison to the iPhone/ iPod Touch and is it a good phone?
Q. I'm getting the Samsung Jet on contract and im wondering how good the screen quality is in comparison to the iPod Touch (which i have)/ iPhone? Because i haven't seen one in person i can only try and tell from pictures on the internet.

Also is it a good phone in general?

A. The ipod touch is higher quality and is more computer monitor like compared to the semi square pixelated samsun jets. As for a phone you can use it with skype or fring (VOIP) but you need to buy a microphone ($1 on ebay) and the stereo speaker is more of a music player device. It is not like the speaker on the iphone or a regular cell phone. If you have any moe questions please feel free to visit my blog.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

My Lenovo tablet says there is no sufficient storage repeatably?

Q. I have the Lenovo tablet and have a small amount of apps, photos, videos and music on it. When I try to update the apps it says there is an insufficient storage space but this does not occur when I download new apps? I thought this may be because of too many videos or photos so deleted lots but it keeps doing it. I deleted an album with 50 photos and that only updated one app...Why is it doing this? My apps are all around 2 MB so there not large and i have plenty of room on my extra SD card. Please give me tips on why it thinks there is no space or how to transfer things onto the SD card if that's why?

A. You may have plenty of space on your SD card but Android uses the internal memory for apps and updates. And internal memory is not usually a lot.

In order to move apps onto the SD card, you will have to root the tablet. Search on google for the way to root your tablet. [eg. "root lenovo p700i"]

How do i unlock my Lenovo G555 laptop if i have forgotten my user name password and never made a user name?
Q. Account with my reset recovery password disk I never installed?

A. One of the most efficient ways to unlock Lenovo password:

A. Download Windows Password Recovery Corporation and burn its .iso image file into a CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive from an accessible Lenovo laptop;
B. Set locked computer to boot from burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive;
C. Reset forgotten Lenovo Windows password to a new one with the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

method souce:

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I want to reboot my laptop, its a Lenovo 3000 N100, start from scratch, how do I do this?

Q. A couple of programmes are not running correctly and want to wipe the machine completely but can't figure out how to do it, just want to restore it to factory settings, any help would be great?

A. That's not rebooting. Rebooting just means turning it off and on again.

You're talking about reinstalling the OS. Some laptops have a recovery partition that allows you to restore the machine to factory settings. Consult your manual to see if your laptop has something like this.

If not, you can either use a recovery disc if your laptop came with one or you could use a generic or OEM Windows installation disc. If you choose the latter, you will need to make sure you know where to find drivers for your hardware after the installation has completed.

How well do lenovo laptops rank with other laptop brands?
Q. How does Lenovo compare to other brands like apple macs, vaios and dells when it comes to performance durability functionality and general quality?

A. Lenovo is a great brand of computers. Their ThinkPads are built rock solid, with a spill-resistant keyboard that is comfortable. It is very hard to break them, as they are one of the toughest laptops around. They are also lightning quick, as they are the fastest booting personal computer in the world, booting up in 10 seconds flat.

They are definitely one of the best PC brands. Other brands that might be close to the quality of Lenovo laptops would be Sony or HP. But, if you want a reliable laptop that is super fast and secure, then your best bet would be a Lenovo.

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How can I start a liquid damage nokia 2330 which cuts out after startup?

Q. My nokia 2330 fell into a pond while cycling , I removed the battery and dried it out in an airing cupboard
for a week, after putting it back together , it turns on fine and asks for pin code, after putting the pin code in it starts up fine then cuts out !

I need my numbers which are stored on the phone, How can I get the phone to stay on after start up?
Also can I buy a used 2330 and swap any of the parts to get my numbers off ..... Help !

A. I thinks its broken, when it got wet you should of put it in a bag of rice. If you stored the phone numbers on the phone then you've probably lost them

How do I get rid of the defult Nokia music on the Nokia 5300?
Q. Does anyone know how to get rid of the music in the music player? I've only just worked out how to put music on the phone and its annoying when its disturbed by awful Nokia music already on the phone. Help anyone?

A. sorry but you cant get it out of your phone

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How to transfer pictures from a nokia lumia 800 to samnsung galaxy s4 or an iphone5?

Q. I need to send all my photos to both phonee, how would i do so?

A. yes i guess upload/download is the best way since iphone doesn't support file transfer via Bluetooth.

What is the difference between Nokia and HTC Windows phones?
Q. They obviously have a different outward design, but how is the technology or format different? How are the settings different inside the phone?

A. well first of all Nokia is a name HTC are just letters..... which stand for High Tech Computer Corp

HTC has HTC Sense is smart phone

Nokia have come from Symbian via mego to Windows, and with that the flavour of the Symbian OS can still be seen, so It all depends on you ROUTE or previous purchases to get to the Windows OS

Sometime I think people forget that Nokia OWNED the planet with regards to smart phones but all that has changed

In majority of cases we can over think that it is just a phone and this phone is better because it has one more feature or more apps.
It can just be due to variables such as "I prefer this make over that make" or I want to try something else or even MONEY

If it does all the thing you require it to do then fine
Look at this side by side both window phone one HTC & the other Nokia

I would suggest HTC as it has the secondary Camera if same similar price

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