Monday, July 15, 2013

How many blackberry bushes can grow in one acre of land?

Q. I'm doing a science project and my teacher made it a little too specific so I pretty much need help here. I need to find out how many blackberries can grow in one acre, and how much they will sell for.

A. There are lots of dependancies; what type of plant you are growing and what soil type are key factors. On average commercial growers can get 3kg of fruit per plant on mature plants. The spacing of the plants depends on the plant variety used. Assume you need to space the plants 2mtrs apart and the rows spaced the same, now you have that data you can calculate how many rows you can get in on one acre and then compute the total potential yield. Bear in mind that there will always be wastage and losses.

Will my Blackberry Bold automatically select a WiFi network to browse the internet when one is available?
Q. If there is both a 3G network as well as WiFi network available (and connected) will my Blackberry Bold preferentially connect to the internet via the WiFi connection? If so, is there a special set-up required?

A. If you set it to auto look. Personally, I think it is a pain, I would rather manually search when I want. Go to Network setting and you'll see it there.

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