Friday, July 26, 2013

My Lenovo tablet says there is no sufficient storage repeatably?

Q. I have the Lenovo tablet and have a small amount of apps, photos, videos and music on it. When I try to update the apps it says there is an insufficient storage space but this does not occur when I download new apps? I thought this may be because of too many videos or photos so deleted lots but it keeps doing it. I deleted an album with 50 photos and that only updated one app...Why is it doing this? My apps are all around 2 MB so there not large and i have plenty of room on my extra SD card. Please give me tips on why it thinks there is no space or how to transfer things onto the SD card if that's why?

A. You may have plenty of space on your SD card but Android uses the internal memory for apps and updates. And internal memory is not usually a lot.

In order to move apps onto the SD card, you will have to root the tablet. Search on google for the way to root your tablet. [eg. "root lenovo p700i"]

How do i unlock my Lenovo G555 laptop if i have forgotten my user name password and never made a user name?
Q. Account with my reset recovery password disk I never installed?

A. One of the most efficient ways to unlock Lenovo password:

A. Download Windows Password Recovery Corporation and burn its .iso image file into a CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive from an accessible Lenovo laptop;
B. Set locked computer to boot from burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive;
C. Reset forgotten Lenovo Windows password to a new one with the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive.

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