Sunday, July 28, 2013

How do Samsung maintain their dignity with such a pathetic software market?

Q. The google market is available and is excellent. Samsung supplements it with its own software offerings. But they are hopeless! They look like they have been created by high school kids. There is a thermometer app and the reviews say the reading never varies, whatever the temperature is. Telling the temperature is the main thing you would want a thermometer app for. I think I will leave it there, except to mention these apps are supposed to chosen for suitability with the Samsung products.

A. Main thing Samsung has the advantage of is good quality products at lower prices and with a warranty. Secondly, you can always switch to Google original android os by rooting your phone and trying the AOSP and cyanogenmod roms. If you have seen the clarity of samsungs 8MP camera on the SGS3, you wouldn't be asking that question.

How is the samsung jets screen quality in comparison to the iPhone/ iPod Touch and is it a good phone?
Q. I'm getting the Samsung Jet on contract and im wondering how good the screen quality is in comparison to the iPod Touch (which i have)/ iPhone? Because i haven't seen one in person i can only try and tell from pictures on the internet.

Also is it a good phone in general?

A. The ipod touch is higher quality and is more computer monitor like compared to the semi square pixelated samsun jets. As for a phone you can use it with skype or fring (VOIP) but you need to buy a microphone ($1 on ebay) and the stereo speaker is more of a music player device. It is not like the speaker on the iphone or a regular cell phone. If you have any moe questions please feel free to visit my blog.

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