Friday, May 24, 2013

What is better the blackberry curve or the blackberry tour from us cellular?

Q. i was going to get one of the two phones and was wondering which one overall would be best to get.

A. The curve is much much better because my friend has a tour, and it freezes a lot.
so i think you should get the curve :) x

What is better the blackberry curve or the blackberry tour from us cellular?
Q. Im going to be getting a new phone from us cellular and its going to be a blackberry. So I was wondering which blackberry is better overall the curve or the tour.

A. I would absolutely go with the Curve over the Tour. The Tour seems like it was rushed and there are quite a few problems with it.

The Curve is a much more stable device.

How can have the blackberry 9700 user interface on a different BLACKBERRY?
Q. I have the blackberry 8330 from boost mobile. I just don't like the UI on the 8330. So can any of you tech savvy people around here help me. So my question is can it be done and how.

A. There is no way you can have an exact replica of the Blackberry 9700 user interface on your Blackberry 8330.

What you can first do is upgrade the operating system on your 8330 and see if you are satisfied with the interface. If you would like to take an extra plunge into beta operating systems which tend to yield better performance and occasionally some extra goodies please feel free to do so at your own discretion but you may want to review your contract with Boost Mobile just in case. And if you would like to take an even deeper plunge go for hybrids that are created by putting different aspects of different operating systems build by 3rd party developers. Go to for more information on betas and hybrids along with other goodies for your blackberry.

Another option is to download a theme for your Blackberry from an app store or through an over-the-air download link.

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