Sunday, March 10, 2013

Can the nokia 5800 express music be used to view MS powerpoint and MS word?

Q. Im planning to buy this phone, but according to the dealer, its a Symbian programme. So Im wondering does it support microsoft office 2007 as in viewing and maybe editting.

A. see
if u r really interested in such a use
take a business phone..
5800 ain't a business phone
check out nokia's E series
also u ve blackberry
or google andriod
these phones not only ll give u great app's like office editing n all but ll also do the things normal phones do..

Do the same Nokia chargers work for Nokia flip phones and for the non-flip phones?
Q. I have like 6 Nokia chargers from previous phones that are not the flip phones, but I'd like to get a Nokia flip phone. Are all Nokia chargers the same, regardless of the type of Nokia phone?

A. well depending on how old these nokia phone chargers are, right now there is a new plug its really thin and there is the old plug whitch is a bit fatter the newer nokia phones carry the thin charger pin but their is also a plug that you can plug into your old nokia charger and the end is thin like the newer nokia phone chargers

How to make Nokia mobile ring through headphones, when headphones are plugged in?
Q. I have Nokia 5230 Xpress music. I dont want it to play ringtone(for incoming calls) outside, it should play through headphones only (when they are plugged in). any idea?

A. Take a fork (Or other eating utensil) And look for the nearest outlet.
Insert, Enjoy.

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