Monday, June 10, 2013

why does my blackberry pearl 8100 messages suddenly start disappearing?

Q. i cannot see sent messages or recieved ones.
how can i fix this?

A. It sounds as though you have a low amount of internal memory. Follow the steps in the link below to free up memory:

How do I enable blackberry services on a foreign blackberry?
Q. I have someone coming over from abroad(Pakistan) with a Blackberry. I live in the US and am wondering how she can get blackberry services on her phone. The phone uses sim cards. Would she need to get a plan with a company like T- Mobile? Maybe the prepaid plans, since she is the US for a month. Thanks.

A. If she turns off data roaming and connects via WiFi only, she'll get BB services as normal.

Or she can do as you suggest and insert a prepaid US domestic SIM with a BlackBerry add-on which will allow her to use data in the USA and make US domestic calls at a far lower cost than if she were to use her own Pakistani SIM whilst roaming. Using a US SIM may require getting her phone unlocked.

The only other issue is that most smartphones sold in Pakistan are imported used units from other countries. A very significant number are stolen and have been network blocked in their original country. There is a chance that your friend's phone may be blocked in the USA if it has previously been reported as lost or stolen in the US.

How do you update blackberry messenger for the blackberry curve?
Q. When i try to download it it says that it doesnt work but how would one make it work?

A. you have to make sure you have the latest OS for your blackberry device in order for the new BBM to work

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