Wednesday, June 12, 2013

why does my blackberry pearl 8100 messages suddenly start disappearing?

Q. i cannot see sent messages or recieved ones.
how can i fix this?

A. It sounds as though you have a low amount of internal memory. Follow the steps in the link below to free up memory:

How to get blackberry contacts off computer without a phone?
Q. I had my blackberry pearl stolen and replaced it with a iphone. How do i get my saved contacts off the pc onto the iphone? I don't have it saved in Outlook so that is not an option.

A. If you did a backup using desktop manager, look for the .ipd file on your hard drive. Then there are tools on the Net that will load it/convert it to iPhone.

How do you update blackberry messenger for the blackberry curve?
Q. When i try to download it it says that it doesnt work but how would one make it work?

A. you have to make sure you have the latest OS for your blackberry device in order for the new BBM to work

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