Thursday, July 18, 2013

What is the difference between nokia 6230 and nokia 6230i?

Q. I'm about to but a new cell phone but I'm in two minds! I know that nokia 6230i is better than nokia 6230 but will you feel the difference between the two in terms of everyday use, especially in terms of ringtones?

A. ' i '... :)

How can i unblock my C3 Nokia mobile phone using a software and how can i get that software?
Q. I've bought my C3 phone which is also locked.This means i can only use it in the uk but can't use it abroad.I tried to go to these outlets were they unlock phones but could not get any help.What can i do to unlock this phone myself, pls help.

A. There can be many ways to Unlock your phone.
As far as i know unlocking by codes is the simple and safest way.unlock using software delete some information in memory i unlock my phone using codes , you can unlock your phone here
I used codes to unlock my cell phone. i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
you need to specify the country and network provider

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