Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How well do lenovo laptops rank with other laptop brands?

Q. How does Lenovo compare to other brands like apple macs, vaios and dells when it comes to performance durability functionality and general quality?

A. Lenovo is a great brand of computers. Their ThinkPads are built rock solid, with a spill-resistant keyboard that is comfortable. It is very hard to break them, as they are one of the toughest laptops around. They are also lightning quick, as they are the fastest booting personal computer in the world, booting up in 10 seconds flat.

They are definitely one of the best PC brands. Other brands that might be close to the quality of Lenovo laptops would be Sony or HP. But, if you want a reliable laptop that is super fast and secure, then your best bet would be a Lenovo.

How can you tell if a Lenovo Z570 is fully charged?
Q. I have just bought it and havent turned it on yet there is a white light on the front but it has been charging for a long time does it change colour when its done?

A. If you don't like the utility that came with the laptop; Google 'laptop battery indicator' or something similar, there are plenty of free utilities that will keep you fully informed as to the state of your battery.

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