Friday, July 19, 2013

Can I install the drivers I downloaded from the lenovo website on a Insys notebook?

Q. I want to format my insys laptop but im not sure where I can get the drivers for it from. I have downloaded drivers from the lenovo website but that was to install in my lenovo laptop.
I want know if i can use them on a insys after I format it.

A. No you can't. You need to get the drivers for the Insys notebook.

You can get the drivers by going to the Insys manufacturer's websites and searching for your notebook model's drivers.

If you can't find them, then make a copy of the drivers currently installed (BEFORE you format!) on your Insys notebook using a program such as Double Drivers:

If you get errors or it still does not work, then try using DriverPack Solution (free) that contains all the drivers and will automatically search your notebook for the drivers required.

Lenovo T60 will it run on battery, if fully charged and plugged to power source?
Q. I really want to know because I used to take out battery so it has no other option but to run on wire delivering electricity. But I am wondering, maybe laptops are smart enough to run on wire only, if fully charged, because I don't want to mess up my battery by it running on it and it just charges it all the time. Help!

A. Your laptop will run from the wire if there is power.

The charger for the battery is smart enough to stop charging it when it is fully charged. You don't need to remove the battery, but there are people who do so based on superstition not reality.

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