Thursday, July 25, 2013

How can I start a liquid damage nokia 2330 which cuts out after startup?

Q. My nokia 2330 fell into a pond while cycling , I removed the battery and dried it out in an airing cupboard
for a week, after putting it back together , it turns on fine and asks for pin code, after putting the pin code in it starts up fine then cuts out !

I need my numbers which are stored on the phone, How can I get the phone to stay on after start up?
Also can I buy a used 2330 and swap any of the parts to get my numbers off ..... Help !

A. I thinks its broken, when it got wet you should of put it in a bag of rice. If you stored the phone numbers on the phone then you've probably lost them

How do I get rid of the defult Nokia music on the Nokia 5300?
Q. Does anyone know how to get rid of the music in the music player? I've only just worked out how to put music on the phone and its annoying when its disturbed by awful Nokia music already on the phone. Help anyone?

A. sorry but you cant get it out of your phone

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