Tuesday, July 23, 2013

can I make a presentation on my lenovo vista laptop to play on a mac?

Q. I've been told a power-point can't, but maybe another program?
I have to make a presentation for school and my laptop is too big to bring to school...the teacher has a mac, and even though this is uni there are no computers in the rooms to plug in your flashdrive for a presentation.

A. Then you make it in OpenOffice with the impress, both can hadle it.

How many hard drive bays does a lenovo ideapad Z580 have?
Q. I have this laptop and i want to have 2 HDD drives or an SSD and HDD in it but im unsure how many bays my machine has, any ideas?

A. 1 you will have to buy a second caddy that will use the space where your cdr is.

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