Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Will my Blackberry Bold automatically select a WiFi network to browse the internet when one is available?

Q. If there is both a 3G network as well as WiFi network available (and connected) will my Blackberry Bold preferentially connect to the internet via the WiFi connection? If so, is there a special set-up required?

A. If you set it to auto look. Personally, I think it is a pain, I would rather manually search when I want. Go to Network setting and you'll see it there.

How come some blackberry bushes are covered in blackberries and others have none?
Q. Have noticed that certain bushes are loaded with fruit and others have nothing where the fruit hasn't developed beyond a dried up brown lump. Any reason for the disparity?

A. Blackberries do not simply exist as a single species. About 350 "microspecies" of bramble are found in Britain alone and they vary in leaf shape, flower colour, nature of the fruit (hard, soft, early, late, large, small) so it is not surprising that some plants have plenty of fruit while some have few or none. Much clearly depends upon the weather.

The study of these bramble microspecies is known as batology.

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