Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lenovo T60 will it run on battery, if fully charged and plugged to power source?

Q. I really want to know because I used to take out battery so it has no other option but to run on wire delivering electricity. But I am wondering, maybe laptops are smart enough to run on wire only, if fully charged, because I don't want to mess up my battery by it running on it and it just charges it all the time. Help!

A. Your laptop will run from the wire if there is power.

The charger for the battery is smart enough to stop charging it when it is fully charged. You don't need to remove the battery, but there are people who do so based on superstition not reality.

Do the PC companies like Lenovo, HP and Dell pay Microsft for having windows in their computers?
Q. If they do, what is the name of the transaction? License fee to Microsoft?

A. No, MS pays PC manufacturers to install the Windows o/s on new machines. At one time, DELL was selling new pc's with Ubuntu installed as the o/s, but MS soon put paid to that when they upped the payment.

When I had my desktop built to spec, I did so without having Windows installed as I was going to install Ubuntu, and the money saved went to better spec hardware.

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