Saturday, July 6, 2013

Can a Samsung cell phone car carger work on a Samsung camera batter?

Q. I bought a car charger for my Samsung Eternity cell phone and noticed that one of the attachments fits in my Samsung SL620 camera slot. I wonder if it will charge in my car as well?

I don't want to try it just yet in case something bad can happen.
*charger and battery
Yikes! I should have previewed my spelling.

A. I would not reccomend it.

How does the samsung rogue connect to the internet?
Q. I was wondering if the samsung rogue can connect to a home internet.. Without having to use the mobile internet.

A. The Criminal operates on Verizon's EV-DO Rev. A system to search the Online at high-speed 3G connections. Customers can look through Websites in full perspective, with Display assistance, for an improved the buyer and easier routing.
The mobile phone also can accessibility popular internet websites such as Facebook or myspace, Tweets, YouTube and MySpace -- immediately from the home selection.
The internet browser can save webpages and add preferred to the Information Nourish list, keep a record of websites frequented, has a search function and allows users to deliver a URL in a textual content -- all services that make the exploring process more available. Overall, the Rogue's Online encounter is excellent, with an easy-to-use internet browser and fast Online connections.

How does the samsung smartphone memory card work?
Q. I'm planning on getting the new samsung galaxy s4 and i want to get the 32 gig cus i have a lot of music and take a lot of pictures. However i was told I could get the 16gig and just buy a memory card when it gets full. But now someone said that apps cant go on the memory card. So how does the damn thing work?

A. If I am correct, thing such as Music, Movies, TV Shows, etc. can all go on either the Samsung Galaxy SIV internal memory or on a micro sd card. However, things such as applications can only go on the internal memory. Anyone else answering this question, please correct me if I am wrong. Because you have a lot of pictures, I would say get a micro sd card and just put it all in there. Depending on how much you internal storage you would use on the phone may determine how much internal storage you would like to have.

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