Saturday, July 13, 2013

How is the samsung jets screen quality in comparison to the iPhone/ iPod Touch and is it a good phone?

Q. I'm getting the Samsung Jet on contract and im wondering how good the screen quality is in comparison to the iPod Touch (which i have)/ iPhone? Because i haven't seen one in person i can only try and tell from pictures on the internet.

Also is it a good phone in general?

A. The ipod touch is higher quality and is more computer monitor like compared to the semi square pixelated samsun jets. As for a phone you can use it with skype or fring (VOIP) but you need to buy a microphone ($1 on ebay) and the stereo speaker is more of a music player device. It is not like the speaker on the iphone or a regular cell phone. If you have any moe questions please feel free to visit my blog.

How does the Samsung galaxy s3 connect to the internet when out and about?
Q. I'm looking to buy this phone but not sure what you use to connect to internet when not using wifi at home or in starbucks or where ever. This means I'm not sure which tariff is right for me, is date usage? Is that it? I know the minutes and texts and stuff but not sure about data and what your allowances are for internet when out.

A. You're right. It is data usage.

You pay a monthly fee and get a certain amount of data, like 2 GB for that month. Most people use around 1, and if you were going to be on WiFi alot, even less. I would go with 2 GB.

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